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Sue Lightning Heart, Internal Family Systems and  Compassionate Inquiry-Informed Shamanic Practitioner

I am Sue Lightning Heart, a certified Shamanic Practitioner and Level 2 Internal Family Systems Practitioner.

I bring the skills and qualities I’ve gained from Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems and Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry into my passion to guide and support you to heal and be your authentic self.

I arrived in this life with a deep sensitivity and desire to help others find peace. Immersed in an incongruent environment, I turned away from my truth and began my journey into and through the darkness of disconnect and self-harm.

Finally, when my body began to fail, I found the will to embark upon the perpetual winding road of discovering who I am and what authentic healing encompasses. I remain grateful to and for all the teachers who challenge, encourage and support me.

I continue to undergo my own exploration and experiential healing in order to be attuned, curious and non-judgmental; to provide a compassionate container and to hold a sacred healing space for you, my client, on your journey to wholeness. To the transformative possibilities of Shamanic Coaching, I bring my abilities, training and experience in Internal Family Systems, Compassionate Inquiry, Reiki, various alternative emotional healing techniques, and as a hospice volunteer, Death Doula, personal trainer and pharmacist.

I am grateful to live in the beautiful forest above Peachland, BC, with my husband of 32 years and our big dog Max. I am the proud mother of two grown children and grandmother to two delightful grandsons.