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"The storm of our mind, our life, or the world around us can be tumultuous. At times it is truly terrifying, coming in mighty waves of intensity and gusts of raw force. It may bring up fears, old traumas, or trigger our fight or flight and survival instincts. It shakes us to our foundation, rattling the windows of our heart, tempting us to let the chaos in and to succumb to the fury of these troubled times.

But, if we can remember our centre, our infinite spirit, we can remain steady and calm. We are witness to the madness and the confusion, and still we hold our inner peace. Our compassionate heart becomes a beacon of light in the raging storm, that others might also find the True Harbour of their innermost stillness."

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Sue Lightning Heart
Internal Family Systems Practitioner and Compassionate Inquiry-Informed Shamanic Practitioner


About Sue

I am a certified Shamanic Practitioner and Level 2 Internal Family Systems Practitioner.

I bring the skills and qualities I’ve gained from Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems and Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry into my passion to guide you to heal, uncover and be your authentic self.


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All sessions are currently offered via Zoom.

Sliding scale payment options are available for those unable to pay the full fees. Contact Sue for details.

For new clients, please contact Sue at before booking.


"There are hardly words to describe the level of transformation that has taken place after my sessions with Sue. In Sue's completely non-judgemental and compassionately exploratory presence, I have travelled to memories and places that have formed the basis of many destructive or harmful thought patterns, often subconscious. The journey of every session flows like a river and Sue's guidance is revelatory, as I am empowered to meet myself exactly where I am. After facing some of my most intense anxieties about purpose, money, and capability, I have been able to see things from a new perspective. What a difference! And yet it's like this has always been there, under the surface, and Sue's guidance allowed me to bring it up. Thank you, Sue!"


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