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"This storm is tumultuous, it comes in mighty waves of intensity, and raw gusts of force. It can be terrifying at times, and may bring up our fears, our old traumas, or our fight or flight and survival instincts. It shakes us to our foundation, rattling the windows of our heart, tempting us to let the chaos in and to succumb to the fury of these troubled times.

But we are steady and calm. We are witness to the crazy and the confusion, and we hold our inner peace, steady and true. Our compassionate heart is a beacon of light in the raging storm."

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Sue Lightning Heart


Internal Family Systems and  Compassionate Inquiry-Informed Shamanic Practitioner


About Sue

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, certified by the Institute of Shamanic Medicine, and lifelong student of shamanism.

I bring the skills and qualities I’ve gained from Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems and Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry into my passion to guide you to heal, uncover and be your authentic self.


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'Sue's guidance is firm, focused and compassionate. She nudges intuitively where one might not see the trees for the forest. These seemingly simple techniques penetrate, but do not invade, the psyche. They sweep and clean, create shifts, and facilitate inward changes in perception that manifest outwardly. I love the difference I feel! Thanks Sue!'


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Peachland, BC Canada

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