Client Testimonials

"Words cannot express the deep gratitude I hold for Sue, who has utterly changed my life.


I have always struggled finding a therapy and therapists that worked for me. I have PTSD and Bipolar II and found that therapy was often an additional trauma. Just after Los Angeles' lock down, during the pandemic, a year ago, I was introduced to Sue Berlie and her work.


Sue has guided me, gently, into discovering who I truly am, through engaging with all my parts with love and compassion. She provided the attunement, and much needed navigation, to heal myself. She helped me find the path I’ve been called to walk. I’ve learned more about myself every day, due to our work over the past year. It’s learning that is rich and deep and not just for myself and my personal relationships, but for a greater communal healing. In this very fraught and difficult past year, I'm just so grateful for where my heart and mind are showing up in the world,
and I have Sue to thank."

Caitlin Rucker | Los Angeles, CA

"There are hardly words to describe the level of transformation that has taken place after my sessions with Sue. In Sue's completely non-judgemental and compassionately exploratory presence, I have travelled to memories and places that have formed the basis of many destructive or harmful thought patterns, often subconscious. The journey of every session flows like a river and Sue's guidance is revelatory, as I am empowered to meet myself exactly where I am. After facing some of my most intense anxieties about purpose, money, and capability, I have been able to see things from a new perspective. What a difference! And yet it's like this has always been there, under the surface, and Sue's guidance allowed me to bring it up. Thank you, Sue!"

Andrew Huculiak | Vancouver, BC

"I have been working with Sue Berlie as my Shamanic Life Coach for 2 years now and continue to be astounded by the depth and breadth of the work. I always thought that Life Coaches told their clients what they should be changing or doing in their lives, but not Sue, not in the Shamanic way…it’s all about empowering her clients to dig deep within themselves for the answers, standing in their power, claiming their own divinity.

Sue is extremely intuitive and  knows  just what tools and techniques would achieve the best results.  Sue treats each client as an individual and there is no such thing as a “generic technique” in Sue’s world. I have found that during the entire Coaching session with Sue, she is totally present with you…eyeball to eyeball. I have found Sue to be a naturally gifted healer and Coach and the Shamanic way seems as natural to her as breathing.  I love that Sue creates a very sacred and safe environment for each session.

My very favourite sessions with Sue have been the Drum Journey’s where I have traveled to meet and bring back  7 of my Totem power animals. Sue is a very strong drummer with a keen sense of timing and  has expertly guided me on many an amazing journey.  Shamanic Life Coaching is not 'talk therapy'…but a gentle yet firm method of encouraging each client to dig deep down within themselves to bring up and heal what is not working for them any longer.  Sometimes this process is uncomfortable, as I have discovered, but Sue is right there to support you and  encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and heal those old patterns and thoughts that hold us back from being all we can be.  I am very grateful to have Sue in my life and I fully support her and highly recommend that you love yourself enough to do this work…you will be amazed. Namaste"

Cleo Murray | Peachland, BC

"We highly recommend Sue to anyone seeking a highly skilled and dedicated Shamanic Practitioner and Empowerment Coach.  

From our very first session with Sue, we were impressed with the depth of her knowledge and intuitive abilities, and  her approach in encouraging and empowering us to seek answers within while using her high intuitive abilities to support us where we were stuck.  

Sue held a safe space  and a vision for our healing and success, and this helped us to surrender to the process and dig deep within to face our deepest fears and mental/emotional blocks.    Her approach is holistic, and she draws from different modalities and tools to help her clients achieve their goals and attain a deep level of integration and wholeness after the session.

She is fully committed to what she does, has impeccable follow up and provides support and resources for her clients to continue to expand their knowledge and learning.    

We are extremely grateful to Sue and it has been an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with her."  

Lily & Abbas

"Knowing little about Shamanic coaching, I was skeptical when I first began seeing Sue. Now, I love it! Sue’s Shamanic coaching has helped me in all aspects of my life. I feel so much more balanced and centered in my life. I find the techniques Sue has taught me self-motivating and self-empowering and I use them daily. I appreciate Sue’s ability to guide me to the heart of the matter. With Sue, I feel supported and encouraged and I always leave the sessions feeling better than when I arrived."

Carolin | Westbank, BC

"I have had a life-long, very intense, deeply rooted fear of snakes. One day Sue gently suggested that this would be worth exploring ...YIKES!

I recognized the worth of this, but the fear was such that it was almost overwhelming. To delve into this fear, for me, could not have been done with anyone else. I needed the knowingness of being in a safe space, with someone whose personal experiences, integrity and compassion equalled for me Trust! All of these components along with Sue's gentle guidance and centeredness, assisted me in healing this fear and moving into the Joy that lay beyond. And imagine my surprise to realize that in the end, the fear had almost nothing to do with snakes! I thank you Sue from the bottom of my heart!"

Lynne | Vancouver, BC

"Sue's guidance is firm, focused and compassionate. She nudges intuitively where one might not see the trees for the forest. These seemingly simple techniques penetrate, but do not invade, the psyche. They sweep and clean, create shifts, and facilitate inward changes in perception that manifest outwardly. I love the difference I feel! Thanks Sue!"

Frances Murphy | Soul Sister, Seeker, Singer, and Mediatrix